A Wife of Excellence Roundtable Training

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Saturday September 26, 2020 from 9:30am to 11:30am 17 Miles Away
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About this Class

No issues affect marriage more profoundly than sexual ones, but no issues are more difficult to talk about. In the church, though we desire to address these critical questions and concerns, we struggle with how to do it biblically, appropriately, and effectively.

As Covid-19 changed the landscape of the world, including each individual family, it also shone a spotlight on sexual problems couples desperately want to fix, if they only knew how. We want to offer you a small group study which boldly, yet warmly tackles many roadblocks to intimacy, especially as marriage matures.

Our two-hour Zoom seminar on September 26th will give you all the confidence needed to facilitate a small group which addresses emotional and physical quandaries of sexual intimacy. Sandi Goforth, who wrote our textbook, A Time to Embrace, leads our seminar. Her book, an interactive text/workbook emerged after almost a decade of leading small groups - along with dedicated women who assisted her. She is excited to share insights from many authors, surveys, and her personal testimony.

Prior to our seminar, you will receive the book and leader’s guide to review and identify questions for our round table event. Come join us as we navigate the often uncharted waters of men's aging issues, unresolved sexual conflicts, menopause, and the empty nest.